July 14, 2015

Blues and Rhythm Show 188 on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton, Ontario)

Swear to Tell the Truth for Tuesday, July 14th, (1:00-2:30 pm)

A couple of areas of focus on this week’s program. We sample some LPs of guitar blues from the Carolinas, music issued on Britain’s Flyright label in the 1970s and pretty difficult to find today, we’d guess. The recordings, some obtained by Bruce Bastin, author of two studies of the area’s music, Crying For the Carolinas and Red River Blues, complement the recordings issued on Pete Lowry’s Trix label but the Trix albums are still available and the Flyright LPs include some performers not recorded by Trix. Several tracks from a 1973 blues festival at the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill.

The greater portion of the show is dedicated to a second feature dedicated to some of the more obscure but very capable performers from the Classic Era of Blues–the style sometimes referred to as Vaudeville Blues. Recordings by women who recorded blues between 1922 and 1929. Some of these singers, most of the singers in the feature, recorded just one 78 rpm disc. This is the promised followup to a program we did in December but we were surprised to see how much time had elapsed since that earlier program.

On the Show:

Mel Brown – Snooks Eaglin – Henry Johnson – Guitar Shorty (John Henry Fortescue) – Anna Meyers – Anna Lee Chisholm – Margaret Thornton – Josephine Byrd – Helen Savage – Edna Gallmon Cooke with the Radio Four – Brother John Sellers – a.o.

Listen to the program at FM 93.3 in Hamilton or on CFMU online at cfmu.msumcmaster.ca. The program will be available to stream or as a podcast until August 11th.

Contact Us

To reach us with comments or queries, write us at sweartotellthetruth@gmail.com.

You can also follow the program at sweartotellthetruth@nosignifying on Twitter.

Next week (July 21st)



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