March 3, 2015

Blues and Rhythm Show 170 on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton, Ontario)

Swear to Tell the Truth for Tuesday, March 3rd, (1:00-2:30 pm) – Fundraiser 2015

This is Fundraising Week. CFMU needs your financial support to help see us through another year. A successful fundraising drive secures the station and its programming for the coming year.  It also makes the difference between effective equipment maintenance and upgrades rather than deferring work to an indefinite future date. If you listen to this show or other CFMU programs via the web, you can easily donate to the station by clicking on the 2015 Fundraiser box on the CFMU homepage and clicking the donate button on the Fundraiser page. If you live in Hamilton, make a $30.00 donation and you will receive a Friends of CFMU Card which entitles you to savings, special offers and bonuses for select businesses, including the Art Gallery, cafes, stores, and services. Check the CFMU website to see a list of participating businesses.

On the Show:

Trenier Twins – Esquerita – Cleo Gibson – Polk Miller’s Old South Quartette – John Lee Hooker – Morgan Davis  – Bobo Jenkins – Sister Jessie Mae Renfro – Big Dan & the Gospel Heavyweights – Otis Clay – Ruby Johnson – and others

Listen to the program at FM 93.3 in Hamilton or on CFMU online at cfmu.msu.mcmaster.ca. The program will be available to stream or as a podcast until March 30th.

Contact Us

To reach us with comments or queries, write us at sweartotellthetruth@gmail.com.

You can also follow the program at sweartotellthetruth@nosignifying on Twitter.

Next week (March 10th)

Our March 10th show will be devoted to our annual International Women’s Day Special.


September 16, 2013

Blues and Rhythm Show 97 on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton, Ontario)

Swear to Tell the Truth for Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 (1:00-2:30 pm)

Just a brief outline for you today. This week we’ll be looking at the headliners from the Blues Explosion scheduled for September 27th at Hamilton Place. We’ll also be be picking up on a few themes we’ve talked about on recent shows, about early blues, on the one hand, and early blues recordings, on the other.  We won’t have time to get very far into it this week but we may take a longer look soon on a future program.

We’ll just note for the moment the difficulty of knowing exactly when songs originated. Some lyrics were recorded for the first time by theatre singers and appeared later in down home performances but where did the songs originate? Sometimes the lyrics were snatched from folk sources by professional songwriters, sometimes by the classic singers themselves. In other cases theatre singers and down home performers were possibly drawing from the same folk sources. And it’s easily forgotten that the marketplaces where songs and bits of songs were exchanged was likely to be a city, whether Kansas City, Nashville, or New Orleans–to name only the places that feature in this week’s program

On the Show:

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Henry Thomas (“Ragtime Texas”) –  Cleo Gibson – Mainline – Matt Murphy – Eddy Clearwater – Sugar Blue – Ted Hawkins

Listen to the program at FM 93.3 in Hamilton or on CFMU online at cfmu.mcmaster.ca. The program will be available to stream or as a podcast until October 15th.

Contact Us

To reach us with comments or queries, write us at sweartotellthetruth@gmail.com.

You can also follow the program at sweartotellthetruth@nosignifying on Twitter.

Next week (September 24th)

Nothing planned as yet but we’ll likely be looking at some gospel , perhaps a gospel feature



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