July 22, 2014

Blues and Rhythm Show 139 on 93.3 CFMU (Hamilton, Ontario)

Swear to Tell the Truth for Tuesday, July 22nd (1:00-2:30 pm)

This week’s program started as something else but we wound up with a program devoted to blues from the West Coast, including records from Oakland, Los Angeles, and one from Fresno. These recordings from the post-World War 2 era, beginning in 1945 and extending well into the album era, to 1989. The Coast, and L.A. in particular, was the source of much of the R&B that filled jukeboxes and radio airwaves in the forties and fifties but migration from all over the south produced a demand for downhome versions of blues.

On the Show:

HowellDevine – Lowell Fulson – Mercy Dee Walton – Lafayette Thomas – Don “Sugarcane” Harris – Ace Holder – Al King – Big Mama Thornton – Sonny Rhodes – Tony Mathews – King Louis Narcisse

Listen to the program at FM 93.3 in Hamilton or on CFMU online at cfmu.mcmaster.ca. The program will be available to stream or as a podcast until August 17th.

Contact Us

To reach us with comments or queries, write us at sweartotellthetruth@gmail.com.

You can also follow the program at sweartotellthetruth@nosignifying on Twitter.

Next week (July 29th)

B.B. King special is planned.


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